Joshua Furnald, Principal

I am licensed to practice law in Wisconsin and California.  My law practice is complimented by my accumulated business knowledge and life experience.  I am also an insurance producer in Wisconsin with licenses in Life, Accident/Health, Property, and Casualty and enjoyed a prior two-decade career as in hospitality culminating as a hotel manager.  I prepared taxes seasonally for a decade. 

As an early adopter of new technology, I closely follow the formation of new law and dabble in drone services.  Consequently, I have a broad base of knowledge pertaining to federal and state drone regulations that apply to hobbyist, commercial and government drone operators.   Over time, I researched many of the technical issues associated with commercial drone operations.  In 2015, I successfully obtained some of the first commercial drone waivers ever granted by the FAA, and I enjoy working closely with drone entrepreneurs who want to operate legally and safely while following FAA guidelines.  I also advise businesses on commercial drone needs and assist in opening new markets for drone operators.  

I take pride in crafting contracts to the specific terms of the deal which express the actual intent of the client.  I excel at assisting clients in the practice areas of asset protection and will/trusts/estates, risk management and long term planning because of my ability to communicate with clients and put people at ease.  As a former business owner and manager, I believe a great lawyer is a counselor who considers not only the law, but also business principles, common sense and the personality of the specific client. 

When not working , I still enjoy skateboarding with full compliment of protective gear, practicing yoga, travel, nature and reading inexplicably heavy books.