Client Reviews


Could not be Happier - by Mary

I was so glad to be able to connect with Mr Furnald. Our previous estate documents were a mess. I feel much better now that they are in order now. Working with such a knowledgeable lawyer was refreshing as well as informative. He was able to explain things to us as well as our daughter who will be left to execute things. Thank you for being so accommodating, Mr. Furnald. Could not be happier with the execution!

Review of Furnald Law - By Jimmy K and Leona of Hotel K LLC

 You are starting a small business and you have questions! That is where I was in March of 2016 with my small business, Hotel K. I needed to get a LLC and I really did not want to do it on-line. Even with sites like Legal Zoom, you lose valued information if you're inexperienced in Tax Law.  Josh from “Furnald Law” was great! From the first time we met over the phone, to the time in his office setting up our LLC, Josh was professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful throughout the process. He even came to our house and presented my wife and I our Hotel K, LLC Binder with everything we needed!

Plus, he too is a local mall business owner!  If you're setting up a small business, call Josh! 

Drone and LLC Expert - by Chris

Joshua helped DRONEWANTED LLC take flight. He filed our 333 Exemption, drafted our Operational Documents, and all of our Entity Documents. His knowledge of all things drone is outstanding, as is his LLC expertise.

LLC Formation in California - by Kate

Josh is the most professional lawyer I have had the pleasure to work with.  Great communicator and prompt and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend him and will use him for my estate planning.  

Friendly and fast help - by Ace

Josh helped my business partner and I with entity formation and business advice. He completed our work in a professional and timely manner. He also offered a lot of good advice and did some background research for our fledgling company. We've found our lawyer for the company!

Before adding any aerial radio controlled equipment - by James

Josh consulted with us about the proper guidelines about drones before we made any investment on adding any aerial radio controlled equipment to our photography business. He knew his information well and was a vary helpful. I highly recommend him.

Excellent, compassionate lawyer -by Nicki

Josh was amazing as a lawyer he was so understanding , he was just like having a great friend that would listen and give you his advice and guidance and also tell you what would be his best opinion . I would recommend him to anyone that needs some help with anything.

Thank you Josh - by Client

Me and the mother of my child are working very well raising our son with "Joint custody". Well, my girlfriend(mother) has taken on a job two states away. Imagine this creating a chaos in our joint custody. What were we to do? Upon talking to Josh, alot of our worries and stress were diminished after Josh , with his knowledgeable research into our case, figured out a suitable plan for both me and my son's mother to continue raising our son with minimal conflict. Thank you josh, with your personable approach to our very personal problem. Thanks again Josh for all your sincere help with such and important decision for our child's future

Wonderful services - by Jessica

I recently had a Municipal Civil matter that Joshua Furnald represented me in. He kept in close contact with me, answered all of my questions & explained the process for me. His prices were reasonable and I would definitely hire him again!

Five Stars - by Suzanna

Super smart, super helpful, Mr. Furnald is both technical and intuitive, quickly grasping what is needed and the most efficient way to accomplish the goal. He is forthright about his areas of expertise and their application, and identified immediately what I needed in order to move our business forward. I am really grateful!

Furnald has provided me with sound counsel time and time again - by Chad

Mr. Furnald has provided me with sound counsel time and time again. His great understanding and knowledge of the law and professionalism are an asset to all that should choose him to represent their interests. I highly recommend Mr. Furnald, as his value and competency are unparalleled.

I am absolutely delighted with the service I received form Josh - by Matt

I'm absolutely delighted with the service I received from Josh. He was incredibly competent, friendly and patient throughout our conversation. He was able to explain confusing partnership / contract concepts to me in a way that made perfect sense. Thanks for the excellent service, I highly recommend him!